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Friday, May 2, 2014

#TheJoystickLunatic : Road to Call of Duty #AdvancedWarfare

Join Professional Gamer RRAYK_47 as he prepares for the release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Since the release of Call of duty ghosts which is, "in my opinion" the worse COD release I've had the pleasure of playing, theres been a deep sense of revenge brewing from all of the pointless matches of defeat suffered at the hands of this recent launch.  From all of the obstacles that it's new style of Online play implements to the new weapons and perk functions, each game can be rough to adjust or simply put get use to.  It's not easy having to adapt to different guns and gameplay that varies depending on which sequel or series gets the release.  I have a Call of Duty offseason routine that I like to do to prepare for adapting to the many new features and game modes that the Legendary Call of Duty franchise has introduced to the video game world over the years.  With that being said visit me regularly for updates on strategic steps and training routines that I'll be covering to prepare for the NEW Highly Anticipated release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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